Our objective is to grow your profits!

Yes, we would love to win that award but would never put our interests ahead of you. Our moksha is attained when you and your customers are happy.

Mindcrest Digital philosophy7
Mindcrest Digital philosophy6

We are here to make great advertising!

And sometimes, we might stay up through the nights and weekends but we don't go home till the job's done.

3 things we do before we start work!

Research. Research. Research.

We will talk to hundreds of your customers, tens of employees & visit a couple of your stores even before we pick up pen and paper. Sometimes we might surprise.

you as to how much we know about you.

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Mindcrest Digital philosophy4

We may seem young and funny, but are dead serious about results!

We sometimes get a bit emotional about our idea, but other than that we never lose sight of the campaign objective and what we set out to achieve..

We are not arrogant assh*les!

We have strong opinions but hardly any attitude. We welcome all ideas and point of views.

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Mindcrest Digital philosophy2

We do the right thing!

Because the Chinese man told Russel Peters to do so and yes we fear god. Actually no, because we know making money in short term doesn't serve our purpose. We are here for the next 100 years. So we will always give you the right advice even if it means less $$ for us.

We know our stuff!

We will commit harakiri if we are proved dumb. No seriously, we will. *Ninja stare*

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